1 to 1 Drum Lessons

Who do I teach?

I teach drums to all ages from Year 2 school pupils to pensioners! My experience allows me to be able to teach all levels of experience from someone who has never picked up a pair of drum sticks to someone who has been playing for a number of years and maybe wants to improve their technique or learn something specific or maybe just wants to inject new ideas into their playing.

Where do I teach?

I teach at my home studio, in a number of schools and at student’s homes.

What do I teach?

In my experience, everyone learns in a slightly different way so I tailor my lessons to the individual.  I use the Drumsense programme as a foundation basis for a lot of students, particularly beginners. I also call have a good library of essential and classic drum books and, most importantly a wealth of playing and teaching experience to call upon as well as the knowledge passed on to me from learning with some of the masters of the instrument.

I believe that to be a good and successful drummer, a rounded approach is needed. To achieve this, good technique, good listening skills, creativity, theoretical and rudimental knowledge, solid timing and the ability to play well with other musicians is needed. I teach with these things in mind as my goal is for every one of my students to be successful in achieving their goals, whether that is becoming  a professional drummer, to enjoy weekend gigs more or just to play for fun.

What are my qualifications?

I have been playing drums for over 20 years and teaching for a total of over 7. I have an A-level in Music and I am a fully accredited Drumsense Tutor as well as a member of  the Sabian Education Network. I have studied with some of the most prominent drummers in the world and I am a working drummer myself.  I hold a recent enhanced DBS(formerly CRB) certificate which is on display at my studio.

Do I have any specialities?

Whilst I believe that a good drummer should be well-versed in a number of styles and techniques, I have had particular success in teaching the Moeller technique and tools to create a strong groove.

How much do I charge?

My pricing structure is as follows:

30 minute lesson – £15

60 minute lesson – £25

Block of 6 pre-paid 30 minute lessons – £85

Block of 6 pre-paid 60 minute lessons – £140

How regularly do I teach a student?

Most of my students have a weekly lesson. A weekly 30 minute lesson is recommended for younger beginners. Some older students have 60 minute lessons either fortnightly or weekly for more intensive learning.

Payment is taken in advance of the next lesson.