We’re all students..

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I believe that true musicians never stop learning! I recently had some one-to-one coaching from the superb Steve White at Absolute Music in Bournemouth. Steve has been a professional drummer for 30 years and his CV speaks for itself, yet despite this he is one of the most humble musicians I have ever met. We spent some time going over some Afro-cuban rhythms (something of a speciality of Steve’s), and we traded ideas as well as shooting the breeze, as doting dads do, about our 2-year old sons – it turns out Steve’s twin boys are 5 days younger than my boy!

After the session I spent a good few hours hanging out, trying equipment and talking drums with customers and the ever knowledgeable and well-connected Austin Lane, the manager of the drum department at Absolute. One of my purchases was a fresh copy of the infamous and indispensable ‘Stick Control’ by G.L. Stone. Expect another blog post about this little gem soon!